Franck Perrier Michael Halbherr March 9, 2010 Mobile 2.0
During this conference i had the pleasure to chat with two of the leaders of the mobile industry,Michael Halbherr, Vice-President of Ovi Experience at Nokia and Paul Berney Managing Director, Europe Branch MMA Global. We discussed the following themes:

With Michael :

  • OVI’s markets and strategies
  • A revolution in mobile usage
  • A price drop for the smartphones
  • The future of mobile applications

More information about Michael Halbherr, watch his video on YouTube.

With Paul :

  • Build a longlasting and profitable ecosystem for brands in the mobile environment
  • Mobile marketing for a greater relationship with customers
  • Geolocalization tools for mobile : Google’s dominant position
  • Viewpoint on augmented reality
  • Advertising on mobile

More information about Paul Berney, watch his video on YouTube