CEPIC is the leading congress in the Picture Industry which will take place this year in Dublin. On Friday 11, I will moderate a discussion about the opportunities for future growth. Running a business in the photography industry has been challenging since the emerging of a free Internet. However times are changing today. This discussion with six panelists and one guest aims at identifying several paths to create new revenue streams for the agencies.

This means, of course, talking about the technology revolution that has come from the development of the mobile Internet and the upcoming of the iPad. The panel will cover the “long tail effect” phenomenon and the future of microstock business.

In such a competitive market, it is finally compulsory to protect the company’s assets. We will endeavour to provide some clues about protecting copyright at internet ages.

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The six panelists:

  • Karim Lesina, Executive Director European Affairs (AT&T)
  • Amy Love Vice President – Global Marketing and Business (PicScout)
  • David Wood : Legal Councel (Icomp)
  • Hendrik Speck : Professor of Digital Medial (University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern)
  • Ivan Duggan, Public Sector and Service Provider Sales Manager (Cisco)
  • Dittmar Frohmann European Director (Istockphoto)

One guest :

  • Petr Mich, Editor in Chief (CTK Photobank)