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LeWeb2011: 6 Key Trends for the Internet 2012

Posted December 13, 2011 by Franck Perrier

    It took us a week to synthesize our presence there to LeWeb 2011 , Europe's largest show in the internet, and read 1% of what was written. We learned 6 major trends that prefigure the Internet 2012.

    • 1 - The convergence of Social, Local and Mobile: The SOLOMO
    • 2 - Opening and "nurturing talent" at the heart of corporate culture on the web
    • 3 - Google: the search for excellence in the social web
    • 4 - mobile to attack the web
    • 5 - The maturity of Facebook despite skepticism from some observers opportunistic
    • 6 - Social, Mobile, Local: finally the golden opportunity for the media

    Check them further with some links. Happy reading and let us know your comments and suggestions.

    1 - The convergence of Social, Local and Mobile: The SOLOMO

    This trend was already SOLOMO widely discussed, including prior to the event.

    The originality of SOLOMO is the convergence of these three trends, acronym Social, Local and Mobile, the future of the web., We can already ask ourselves if SOLOMO is a trend or destined to become a milestone on the Web.

    The perfect example, Foursquare: a social network based on geolocation and a system of deals. The e-commerce sites like Groupon are also included in this trend and the two major competitors giants Facebook and Google are not to be outdone with Facebook "Places" and its application bygone "Deals" and Google with coupons available on Google+ and improving the Google Maps service. The next step is probably the point of view of advertisers know gauge and offer mobile enthusiasts a good balance between sharing interests, deals and coupons. Nielsen offers an explanation of this new concept in three patterns, discover below. Tracking and behavioral targeting of consumers resulting from this trend and cause many ethical debates.

    For more information, you can refer to the notes below.

    2 - Opening and "nurturing talent" at the heart of corporate culture on the web

    The corporate culture is a key to business success, whether the old or the new economy. What do you noticed interventions web players such as Google, Facebook and other startups and who competed? They share two values: openness and support talent in English "nurturing talent." How it does it manifest?

    The opening is for example making available APIs or partnerships between giants like Facebook and Spotify are changing models. Ignite during the second day, many stakeholders have succeeded. I remember intervention Sara Rosse the Automattic company that publishes WordPress: "The future way of working: The company distributed." Sharing interesting and formative experience than Sarah employee in a company without this office in 74 cities and 21 countries. Emphasis is placed on international internal communication and trust in each to accomplish its missions.

    "Nurturing Talent" serves the purpose to seek and retain the best skills to the growth of its business. Competition is fierce in the recruitment of employees in Silicon Valley but also in Paris: Have you ever tried to hire developers? For us, Idaos is a small structure but internally we respect the following rule: "employees before customers." The goal is not to abandon course our customers, on the contrary, we assume the following principle: they will naturally be well treated if our employees are well supported, accompanied, engaged, committed. Of course, it is only our point of view.

    3 - Google: the search for excellence in the social web

    Contrary to what might be expected, Google + has not been at the heart of the announcements made by Google. I see this as a consequence of the diversity of activities of Google: search engine, new social network, holder of an operating system for smartphones, etc. While the launch discount coupons associated with checking in this social network have been raised by Marissa Mayer, VP Product Management Google making a great part of the new trend SOLOMO actor.

    Google seems no less as a leading social web Google has indeed been working on a new module. The "Social Analytics". To provide the user with an analysis of these interactions on or off a site This module aims. (On or off site). This is to go beyond the logic of social reporting presented by Google in June, when Google+ was only concerned. The "Social Analytics" Google now incorporates data related to the activities of users on Facebook (Like), Twitter (retweets), LinkedIn (shares) and obviously one of Google+, it is possible to recover. The goal? To measure consumer engagement and this in on or off site, you must know how to identify what are the social sites that appear as referents, and obviously these data are represented in a graphical appearance.

    Google has also developed a test program for its Social Data Hub platform, with notable absentees: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We can name a few partners: Google +, Digg, Delicious, Blogger ... The operation of the platform is simple, it is to make a link between Google Analytics and social networks to recover and allow proper treatment of data. The ultimate goal is of course to be able to finally get a relevant ROI. The platform allows you to draw any kind of interactions, be it like, votes, comments, bookmarks, if the social network and platform at the base interconnected.

    These two tools, "Social Analytics" and the "Social Data Hub" are expected in 2012. Trends in competition between statistical tools related to the social web. While Google is clearly a size share in this market, Facebook, he has released an updated version of its tool. The two giants tailgating closely.

    4 - The Mobile Web by storm?

    Is it at the time of the end of the web as the crowd George Colony, CEO of Forrester? Today 41% of IT managers are currently transitioning from traditional to mobile internet web According to George Colony. "Like Predecessors icts software, the web Will Eventually be mittal and we think App Internet is the best management for the next step. It's faster, Simpler and offers a better internet experience. "Giving free rein to the mobile. Applications, simpler and faster, come gradually encroaching on the territory of Google.

    The user journey today favors benefit application to search engines. Applications are able to respond specifically to the segmentation of increasingly strong consumer needs. It is therefore important to "think mobile" in the implementation of a marketing strategy services must be compatible with the mobile interface. This trend gives pride to Apple with over 100 million downloaded applications since January 2011, but Apple is not immune to future problems related to the creation of a strong barrier to entry of Apple Store.

    In terms of application, I remember the example of Instagram is the application that the most talked about her at LeWeb, if one refers to the number of tweets that the intervention of the CEO, Kevin Systrom, generated. Small structure, it has only ten employees. However, it has to his credit 14 million users and a 60 frames per second shared. Created there a little over a year, in October 2010, was elected Instagram App of the Year by Apple. The application on Android is currently in development, and the official website. The aim is to increase the internal user base rather than engage in advertising. However, many advertisers are already interested in the application, mostly luxury brands like Gucci or Burberry, or Air France as part of contests.


    5 - The maturity of Facebook despite skepticism from some observers opportunistic

    Skepticism emerged from participation in LeWeb11 giant Facebook. Deficit ads? So, we read some timely notes skeptics who forget the keys to the communication policy of the actor. Giants like Apple or Facebook keep their different ads for their own heights. . Indeed, the Facebook Summit was held Sept. 22 at the F8 conference in San Francisco Mark Zuckerberg currently mentions many changes: the Timeline is the new Facebook profile, the new subscribe button, the many partners (Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Dailymotion), the ticker and the mention of custom open graph.

    Johanna Shields, Facebook representative came to present at LeWeb 11 the launch of a new "subscribe" button. Its operation is simple: it is a new plugin to websites, which allows all Facebook users to subscribe to publications on the site. They receive content updates in their newsfeed and in real time. This plugin comes directly compete with the "Follow" Twitter plugin. This system of "subscribe" is for content publishers an alternative option to the creation and animation of a Facebook page. Was also mentioned the great success of social news such as that of The Guardian with 4 million installations. Other changes were not discussed, where ambient disappointment.

    For Jeremiah Owyang, companies engage in all social media, in creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. However, internally, they do not seem prepared to be able to manage them properly. Why? This is about goals, build a sustainable internal organization on which to rely. According to him, "it's time to return to basics and focus on building a scalable infrastructure-before jumping into Adopting social tools. "Companies should therefore be set as a primary objective to build stable and capable infrastructure to drive economies of scale before running in the big race to social media. A point of view that I find most relevant and that we carry with Idaos clients.

    LeWeb 2011 Joanna Shields, VP & Managing Director EMEA, Facebook and Loic Le Meur


    Julien Codorniou, Director of European Gaming Partnerships, talks about the digital face of the crisis, growth and creativity of Facebook, including on mobile.


    6 - Social, Mobile, Local: finally the golden opportunity for the media

    It seems that the media has now accepted this profound mutation caused both by technology and uses. For years, they are attached to their older models - information / consumer reader transmitter. Now the consumer is no longer a passive consumer, it became consum'actor. The web was marginally considered. It is true that destroy value for the media involve SOLOMO pillars - social, local, mobile - is a vast field of opportunities,. Remains to be seen who will succeed to enter. Some ideas:

    Transmedia, which allows the audience to find content on different media, addresses this issue of exchange. Consumers today want to share, discuss about the programs, content it is obliged to consult. The idea is to anticipate the needs of consumers. Adaptation to the hearing is essential today. The time diversification, as shown in the various partnerships created to increase the number of content to consumers. At Orange for example, partnerships with sites such as Dailymotion, Deezer music as were signed.

    Mobile seems to have been built by the different media. The objective of the consultation of the media on this support is primarily related to sharing functions and catch: you just read content that has not taken the time to consult on other media (paper - TV) and has access to local services.

    The "local" part is found in the current opportunities for greater targeting based on a principle of geolocation. Local advertising in the yellow pages and complimentary newspapers today is profoundly transformed by the arrival of Foursquare. How to deal with these promotions that we receive on his mobile to approach a store? It will be possible to offer the audience content tailored to its geographical position but also its taste and center of interest.

    So much for small overview undoubtedly incomplete. A big thank you to Loic and Geraldine who every year for 8 years we offer information and network quality. LeWeb has undoubtedly taken a turn since their installation in San Francisco. They move Silicon Valley to Paris.

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    1. Patrice says:

      Thank you for this summary! Clarification on the button "suscribe". It does not exactly subscribe to updates of a site. It actually allows for a third party website to subscribe to public users statutes. Example in this post on our site http://www.sociabliz.com/strategie-et-conseil/al-origine-de-sociabliz.html that allows the visitor to follow the news of the founders of Sociabliz. To follow a brand buttons "like" and Facebook Pages are the most relevant tool.

    2. Franck Perrier said:

      Patrice thank you for pointing this out quite right.

    3. Marc Reese said:

      Thank you for the article!

      A concept that is well anchored in the concept of SoLoMo is probably Consomap ( http://www.consomap.com ). This site is actually a social network that allows users to stay connected to their favorite stores and receive tips in their instant and location-aware way! A mobile app is under development elsewhere he seems!

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